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Tracking Your Marketing is Hard, if Not Impossible, Right?

Wrong. This is a common fallacy. Knowing where your marketing dollars are bringing in new patients and where they’re wasted is actually pretty easy.


You just need to know the right questions to ask, like:

How many new patients are available per year in my city?

Which competitors are getting the new patients? How are they doing it?

Am I maximizing my presence online and offline? How can I?

Where are the biggest holes in my marketing?

Am I showing up on Google where it counts? Better question, WHY NOT?

Why Not Bring In An Expert to “Audit” Your Current Marketing Activities?

One 45 minute session with one of our expert who knows what to look for can save you $1,000’s if not $10,000’s over the next 12 months. What you don’t know is probably costing you big, big money.

We assume you’re busy taking care of your patients, not following every little step of your marketing activities. The solution to winning the marketing game is getting valuable opinions from experts who have been there, done that.

After Helping Dental practices Make Literally $1,000,000’s, we Know the Tricks…

Having helped hundreds of clients during the past 31 years, I have seen it all and know exactly what to look for. I know what Google wants from your website and what new patients want from your website.

If you haven’t read our co-founder’s best selling book, “The Ultimate Guide to Dental Practice Marketing Success”, check it out on Amazon.

In this 45 Minute, 100% Personalized Marketing Assessment, You Will:

Discover where your marketing is working, and exactly where it is failing.

Formulate a custom fit tactical action plan that can put your practice growth on overdrive and make the next 12 month the best you’ve had in your practice.

Assess whether you and your practice are a good fit to work with our team.

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We’ve seen so much success from these tactics, that we want to give them away. Yes, we could sell this information, but we believe that you’ll get so much value, you’ll tell your friends and they will tell theirs. It’s our mission to make sure no more marketing companies flush your money down the drain.

WARNING: You Might Not Want To Know The Truth

You might discover you’ve been wasting a LOT of money over the years. This isn’t always easy to hear. Brace yourself for the good news AND the bad

Remember, This One Assessment Could Change Your Practice. Be a “Smart” Consumer. Educate Yourself & Bring The Experts in To Take a Look Under the Hood of Your Practice Marketing

If you’re not getting as many new patients from your ONLINE and OFFLINE VISIBILITY as you would like, we’ll tell you WHY.

Are your marketing efforts GROWING your practice the way it should? That is the question you should be asking. We work with some of the most successful dental practices in the country and can tell you exactly what kind of results you should be expecting from your marketing. We’ll tell you exactly what the best dental offices are doing online and offline now to attract new patients.

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